About Us

We are a consortium of dedicated sphynx owners and lovers, located all over the United States. We volunteer our time, resources and finances to help with the transport, fostering, treatment, care, and rehoming of sphynx in need. We also happily share information of and with other rescue organizations and individuals who are like minded in putting the welfare of sphynx first.


Foster parents provide temporary homes for animals prior to adoption. Providing foster care is a wonderful and personal way to contribute to saving homeless pets.


For information on how to make contributions, contact donate@sphynxrescue.org or
donate via PayPal.

SOAR Fundraiser

The sale of these shirts will help us live our dream of being able to provide a home for every Sphynx who needs us. Sphynx Open Arms Rescue rescues Sphynx and other hairless cat breeds who would otherwise not have a home or proper health care. Sphynx are often surrendered due to behavioral or health issues that their owners can no longer care for and we have the responsibility to provide them the care they need to overcome their issues which can be quite costly. These costs include everything from HCM scans and caring for HCM positive cats to working with feline behaviorists to manage problems that have developed from being passed from home to home.
Cats like Zuko and Rumpy are in the process going through expensive health testing to become stable enough to find a forever home that can care for them and their needs. Rumpy, Zuko and the other SOAR fosters need your donations and what better way than to be able to proudly support Sphynx Open Arms Rescue.


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