Cats in need urgent need of foster to adopt homes

What does it mean to "foster to adopt"? A foster to adopt home is one that can take on a special needs Sphynx with the intention to adopt the particular cat being fostered.  We do this in situations where a cat needs to be settled, for health or behavioral issues, while being rehabilitated in order for us to know that our rescue will fit into the home and the home is a good fit for the rescue.  Sometimes our cats can have further issues if settled in a foster home then removed again to be placed in their permanent home.  This can be a "win, win" for both the cat and the foster home. During the foster period, SOAR will be legally responsible for making health/medical/behavioral decisions for the foster and will also be responsible for financial vet care. Foster will abide by all policies and procedures agreed upon before foster is placed. Upon the time of the foster/family being stable and ready for adoption, there will be a final decision by the board on placement.  When that decision has been made for adoption, there will be an adoption fee as well as a contract in place when adoption is final. At any time before adoption, if SOAR or the foster family feels the situation is not ideal, the foster cat will be pulled and placed in a home that is more suitable for the cat. 


Raisin is an 11 year old female who is in need of a foster to adopt home in Colorado.  She is currently located in Boulder and will be soon moved to Colorado Springs. She is currently recovering from a UTI and as soon as she is cleared she will be spayed and placed into a home that fits her needs. She is being surrendered due to her inability to get along with other cats so she will need to be in a house with no other cats. Raisin has never been around dogs so we are hoping that her foster to adopt home will have no dogs either to reduce the chance of her needing to be moved again if she cant get along with a dog. Raisin has been moved around a few times recently and we want her next move to be her last so stability will be important in where she will be placed. 

Raisin is a very sweet girl who is good with both adults and children. We will be limiting her travel to a couple hours drive time to her foster to adopt home. If you feel you are a possible fit for Raisin please contact us or submit an adoption application to info@sphynxrescue.org. 


We are proud to announce that Ali has been adopted and is no longer available. Here is her update

We finally found a home that we feel had prepared well enough to take on our little Ali. We were able to place Ali and a foster to adopt home last week that had taken about a month to do research, consult with vets and behaviorists to understand what it means to take on a cat like Ali. They took the time they needed to ensure they understood the seriousness and the struggle that can come along with caring for Ali and what it would possibly take to help her heal. They took the time to prepare their home so Ali couldn't see through the windows where a cat might be and steps to cat proof the outside of their home. They prepared their home with all the beds, blankets, toys and anything a Sphynx could need! Melanie and Jerry have been such a wonderful find for us and for Ali (she just doesn't fully understand yet!). They all had a great start together. Ali showed up loving, and her sweet self that we know she can be. The transport went well, she was cuddly, playful and sweet. Unfortunately things got a bit rocky for the three of them a couple days ago. Ali got very overwhelmed emotionally and the transition finally took its toll. We are not sure what triggered it this time as there was not another cat or animal but Ali had another one of her episodes. Something she felt triggered her episode but her new home knew what to expect and what they needed to try and do for Ali. Her episode was a bit different than she has had in the past and not as severe. We feel that first week of trust building helped a lot. Its been very eye opening for them to see the reality of her issues but they know the seriousness of dealing with it properly and they have. Ali is in the process of learning trust as is her new family. They have quickly caught on to Ali's signals and how to handle them. They have also enlisted the help of the well known feline behaviorist, Terry Curtis from the University of Florida to come help them all adjust, and make a plan on how to help Ali know that things are going to be ok for her. Ali will also have a full vet work up to ensure this isn't a pain or health issue. She's lucky enough that her new home has also enlisted the services of a mobile vet so make things easier on her for that wellness check. 

Ali is coming back into our rescue due to some redirected aggression she has developed towards her owner after seeing a stray cat through the window of her home. We are looking for a foster to adopt home for her that's is willing to work with her and help her get over her fear and episodes of aggression.  Due to the redirected aggression triggered by other cats (possibly other animals), she will need to be in a home with no other animals. We also request that the home have no small children.

Ali has been abused by females in the past (prior to coming to SOAR the first time) and she seems to do much better with men. Ali was doing very well in her home with her female owner until a few weeks ago when she was sitting in front of the screen door enjoying the sun, and a stray cat came around. She snapped and went after her owner. She's been continuing to go after the owner however when a male comes over, she's fine with him. We feel Ali would do better with a male but she has had a good track record until now with females.

She's located in the Eastern Kentucky area and we can help with transport if needed. This little girl is healthy other than this issue and has scanned HCM clear. She also has pet insurance that will need to be continued in her new home. 

Requirements to be considered for a foster to adopt home for Ali

  • You must be located within 8 hours or less driving distance of her location in eastern Kentucky. We will not put Ali on a plane
  • Ali's new home must have no other cats or dogs
  • We will only place Ali in a home with no children or older children who can fully understand redirected aggression. This is for the safety of your children.
  • Ali's new home must understand redirected aggression and be willing to learn what is needed to handle it.

Here is Ali's original story and info when she was first placed into her current home:
Ali came to us after she was dumped at a shelter in Virginia. She was the highlight of her male owners life and they were inseparable. The girlfriend/wife moved in and she hated Ali. Then the Mother in law moved in and things got worse. The women hated her and Ali became aggressive towards them and she couldn't be handled. They took her to the vet and the vet suggested spaying her. They agreed and they also asked to declaw her while she was under. The vet doesn't declaw so she told them she would put nail caps on Ali. After they picked Ali up from the Spay, the nail caps weren't enough so the women found a vet clinic that agreed to declaw her the same week she got spayed. After having both procedures in the same week, of course Ali got worse with her behavior and started to not only be more aggressive but she started peeing around the home. With a new baby on the way, this was unacceptable and they dumped her at the shelter. Thankfully her old vet (that refused to declaw her) found us and we got her back story.


This little girl just needs a chance and we fear she won't be given that chance due to her fear. If we don't find a place for Ali, euthanasia might be the only choice for her. If you feel you might be a good match to help Ali settle until she is ready to be adopted, please contact us at info@sphynxrescue.org


Chynna is no longer available.
Meet 8 year old Chynna, formerly known as Chi Chi. Some of you might remember Chi Chi from a few years ago when she came to our rescue with IBD issues. She came to us practically skin and bones and covered in fleas. We had a great foster who cared for her while we worked through her medical issues and we placed her into a home who promised to feed her a raw diet to keep her stomach under control, take care of her medical needs and we were promised that she would be well cared for. Two years later (we were told during that two years that she was doing very well) we get a phone call from the owner that she was having stomach issues again and they couldn't care for her. SOAR's director flew out to get her and found her in almost emaciated conditions. She had diarrhea leaking from her constantly and she was skin and bones. We were horrified at the condition she was in.

We found out that she had only seen a vet the week before we took her into our custody and according to those records, she has had the stomach issues for almost 2 years with no vet care and no steady diet. This poor girl has had stomach issues and has been denied vet care for most of her life except for her time in our custody. We promptly did a full fecal PCR panel on her and ruled out pathogens as an issue. We did blood work that looked good and we also had an ultrasound done of her abdomen. Everything looked ok except for her colon. Her colon was about 4 times as thick as a normal colon and it was far worse than the specialist and our vet had ever seen. We believe she's been slowly declining and had an inflamed colon for 2 years and due to that, it will take quite a bit of time for the inflation to go down and her colon to heal. There is a very slight chance that this is focalized colon cancer but the doctors don't believe it is due to the look of her colon on the ultrasound and the fact that she's gaining wait and continuing to improve. She still has daily accidents but they are nothing like they were when we took her in for the second time. 

We have her on a novel protein raw diet, probiotics, slippery elm bark as well as steroids and she's made great improvements as you can see by the pictures. We have also had her heart scanned and she is clear of HCM at this time. Going through the pictures on this post, the first ones are current, the picture comparing her is the day we took her back and two weeks later. The last pictures are also from the day we took her back.

We are currently looking for a foster to adopt home for Chynna in or close to Colorado Springs so she can continue to see her vet and we can help her settle in her new home. We are looking for someone who is ok with her continued accidents and will clean up after her at least twice a day. We also need her new home to commit to feeding a raw diet and understand that going off her diet is not an option at all. China will continue to improve and the accidents will decrease but that will be slow progress due to the length of time she has been in such poor condition. Chynna is a VERY sweet girl and would live her life rubbing on you or sleeping in your lap. Her purr motor never stops and she's such a sweet girl considering what she has been through. We will consider another calm cat or dog but we do want to keep her stress level low so there is less risk for setbacks. If you think you might be a good candidate as a foster to adopt home for Chynna, please contact us via private message or at info@sphynxrescue.org.

If you are interested in helping with the cost of her continued care, vet appointments and testing, and medicines, you can do so via paypal at the following link https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr…

Cats Available for adoption


WE ARE PROUD TO ANNOUNCE THAT WEDNESDAY HAS BEEN ADOPTED! Meet Wednesday, a 7 year old special needs Sphynx who is ready for adoption! Wednesday, who is located in the state of Washington, was surrendered to us when her family could no longer care for her due to severe IBD and eating foreign objects. Wednesday was on oral steroids for a long time and with the work of our foster, a change to a raw diet and keeping tempting foods out of her sights, Wednesday has been slowly weaned off of her steroids and is having normal poops. As with all of our rescues, Wednesday was scanned by a Board Certified Cardiologist and unfortunately she scanned positive for Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) however it is very mild HCM and no medications are needed at this time. We feel that Wednesday is very lucky that the long term steroids did not cause issues with her heart disease. 
Because of her IBD, tendency to eat foreign objects and her HCM, she will need specific placement in a home that will be able to handle her lifetime requirements. Her new home MUST commit to her raw diet no matter what. Wednesday will have diarrhea and vomiting if she goes off of her diet. This means she will need to have NO access to any other type of food or treats. Her new home must also be able to financially handle her HCM which will require annual scanning by a board certified cardiologist for now, and likely at some point will need scans every 6 months as her disease progresses. For more information on HCM:

Wednesday is a VERY active girl to the point of almost seeming frantic which is likely her looking for food after living so long with major stomach issues and her body not being able to properly absorb nutrients. She will get into most anything, and try to chew open food containers, etc. Child locks on food cabinets and being able to keep food put away is a must with her new home! Wednesday is indifferent with cats and dogs but she gets along with them. We will consider a home for her with no other animals or one or two other dogs/cats, preferable already raw fed to reduce the exposure to other foods. Wednesday gets very excited about getting lots of love and pets but she can get overstimulated and bite like many of our cats. If her new owners keep an eye on her cues, they can avoid this biting. 

Wednesday is also a blanket chewer and has a history of eating children toys so her new owners will need to keep an eye on this, monitor her and understand the potential for blockages that come along with this behavior.

Wednesday's foster has been amazing and she's made incredible progress. Wednesday is a very sweet and active girl and we are excited to find her a forever home that can continue with her journey. She does not travel well so we would like to keep her travels limited which means we would like to keep her in the state of Washington. 

If you think you are a good match for Wednesday, please contact us here via private message or at info@sphynxrescue.org. If you would like to contribute to the vet bills we have incurred with Wednesday and to help us continue to care for cats like her, you can donate through Paypal at donate@sphynxrescue.org or through this link https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr…