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Cats Available for adoption 


Luna is a 2 year old little girl who came to us after her owners could no longer care for her and her health issues. Luna has been diagnosed with Stomatitis as well as HCM (Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy). She has had a full mouth extraction to address her infected teeth and to manage the stomatitis. She unfortunately had a complication with the procedure and monitoring equipment and had to unfortunately have her tail amputated however she has recovered from that very well. She has also had her GI issues addressed and is doing well with that and lastly she was recently spayed. 

Luna is a very sweet girl who gets along with the calm medium sized dogs in her home. She does get along with cats but is currently living as an only cat and she loves her life getting the attention from her foster mom and the pups in her home. She loves to cuddle and has recently found learning to play with toys which she loves. We will prefer her to go into a home with no cats or no more than 2 cats in the home and only older or calm dogs. Luna has been through a lot in her short 2 years so we will require her being in a calmer home as she has found that is what she likes. We will also require her to remain on a high quality wet only diet. No dry food as we have found this is what controls her GI issues and is healthiest for her ears and the wax production in her ears. 

Luna is located in Atlanta, GA and we will limit her transport to her new home for 6 hours in the car. We will NOT ship her. Her adoptive home will be responsible for Luna's transportation and her adoption fee will be $400. If you feel your home meets the requirements in this posting, please fill out the following form.


For more informaiton and photos of Luna, please visit our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/100064363642380/posts/pfbid02gcnzo3HNuLtFhtjJVC55KHycXp6THze6A9wj2ZB8s8xwVdbZ7Cro7HGEZudt4bukl/



Pixie is an approximately 2-3 year old little girl who came to us after being passed from home to home because she could not coexist peacefully with other cats. There is suspicion that at one point she lived in a cage and really had never had a proper introduction to another cat. Unfortunately passing her from home to home only made her issues worse and she got to a point where she was not really able to be handled much when she was turned over to us. Pixie went into an absolutely amazing foster home who has worked with her to evaluate her needs and get her to the point of being ready to adopt, which was no easy feat! Early on, Pixie was evaluated by a veterinarian and it was found that she had severe inflammation due to untreated juvenile periodontal disease. She underwent surgery and it was found that most of her teeth were rotten and no longer securely attached to her jaw. During that surgery, she had 17 teeth removed which greatly improved her overall personality and she felt a lot better in general. Other than that, she was given an overall good bill of health after routing testing. Over time, her fosters have gotten her comfortable in her home and then introduced her to other very well-behaved cats and small dogs. While the introductions were done very very slowly and generally went well, her fosters found that the other animals caused her stress and would cause her to urinate outside the box or territorial spray in areas around the house. The fosters have worked diligently through this process of behavior modification, calming collars and sprays, multiple litter boxes, types of litter and all of the things we could do to try to figure out her issues. She has always had a safe place and room to stay in which is where she prefers and does not have issues with territorial spraying. She is generally aggressive towards other cats and stressed around dogs and after a lot of time and evaluations, we have determined that Pixie will need to be placed in a home with no other animals meaning that Pixie must be the ONLY pet in the home.

Pixie has become very affectionate with her fosters and is peaceful and loving when one-on-one with a trusted human. Enjoys sleeping in the same bed as her human, happily greets humans at the door when they come home and enjoys giving mouth kisses. She is highly energetic with a kitten-like personality. She loves climbing cat trees, looking out windows, and playing with toys. Favorite game is hunting lasers and stealing oven mitts from the kitchen!  

While Pixie loves her foster Dad, it has become very evident that she much prefers females which we think is due to past trauma. Because of this, we would prefer her primary caretaker to be female. It has taken her foster parents months of hard work to get to her to where she is comfortable being handled and being held by the people she is comfortable with. She is also comfortable approaching humans on her own terms but gets nervous and hissy if she thinks they are trying to hold her. It is recommended that new owner is work-from-home as she needs lots of love and affection and enjoys snuggling on laps during the workday. She does become distressed if she doesn’t get enough attention during the day. We are confident that she will trust and bond with the right person very easily. 

Pixie has been spayed, she has all of her claws and has responded very well to having all of her teeth removed behind her canine teeth. Since her dental surgery, she is no longer showing aggression towards her familiar humans. Pixie will be scanned for HCM this week. 

Pixie is located in Columbus, OH and we will limit her transport to her new home for 6 hours in the car. We will NOT ship her. Her adoptive home will be responsible for Pixie's transportation and her adoption fee will be $500. If you feel your home meets the requirements in this posting, please contact us via email at sphynxrescue@gmail.com


Cats in need urgent need of foster to adopt homes

What does it mean to "foster to adopt"? A foster to adopt home is one that can take on a special needs Sphynx with the intention to adopt the particular cat being fostered.  We do this in situations where a cat needs to be settled, for health or behavioral issues, while being rehabilitated in order for us to know that our rescue will fit into the home and the home is a good fit for the rescue.  Sometimes our cats can have further issues if settled in a foster home then removed again to be placed in their permanent home.  This can be a "win, win" for both the cat and the foster home. During the foster period, SOAR will be legally responsible for making health/medical/behavioral decisions for the foster and will also be responsible for financial vet care. Foster will abide by all policies and procedures agreed upon before foster is placed. Upon the time of the foster/family being stable and ready for adoption, there will be a final decision by the board on placement.  When that decision has been made for adoption, there will be an adoption fee as well as a contract in place when adoption is final. At any time before adoption, if SOAR or the foster family feels the situation is not ideal, the foster cat will be pulled and placed in a home that is more suitable for the cat. 

Pinto has been adopted

Pinto is a 7 year old Sphynx located in TX who was surrendered to us due to his owner not being able to care for his medical condition. Pinto has been in foster care for several months and has received the much needed medical attention he needed. His skin has improved and he is continuing to see his specialists as well as his regular doctor. Pinto will need continued medical care but we have come up with a solid enough diagnosis that we are ready to find his forever home. Pinto still suffers from ear and skin issues. He is battling ongoing ear infections that will likely continue for some time and will need continued medical attention. We are working on a protein elimination diet for his skin but his biopsies have come back and he has been diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma in situ. This pre-cancer is due to spending too much time in the sun. His old owner used to allow him to roam the yard and the vets strongly feel this is the cause of many of his skin conditions. Squamous Cell Carcinoma In Situ may not ever change however it may continue to progress into cancerous lesions. Pinto's new owner will need to continue with his vet visits as well as continue his constant vet care and up keep at home. 

Pinto is currently located in Austin, TX and his home will be no farther than 4 hours in a car. We will not allow him to fly or be shipped. This is because he will always run the risk of a flare up of his Feline Idiopathic Cystitis which is caused by stress. We would really prefer him staying in Austin so he can continue to see his current specialists however if you are within a 4 hour drive, you will need to show that you have a regular vet, a dermatologist and an internist close by that can continue his treatment. This also means that his vet bills will likely end up being costly so his new home will need to be prepared for such. Pinto is also very particular about his litter boxes and will need to have a home that can adjust to his needs and have litter boxes where he wants them. Over time they can be moved by it has to be at Pinto's speed which can be slow. He may end up with accidents during this process so patience is the key! 

Pinto will need lots of attention and lots of care. He requires frequent bathing and ear cleaning to keep his skin and ears from being infected. He is a lover and likes to cuddle and sleep with you at night. We will require his new owners to continue to feed him a balanced raw and limited diet. We can teach his new home everything about a raw diet! This will be best for his skin and urinary issues. 

Pinto is good with kids, other cats and dogs. He seems to fit in well and go with the flow. We are looking for a home that is not too busy to allow for a lowered stress level for him and to ensure he can get the proper care and attention he needs. If you feel that you are a good fit for Pinto, you can message us at sphynxrescue@gmail.com. Please make sure you meed the above requirements before contacting us. Thank you!


We are proud to report that Raisin has been adopted and is no longer available.

Raisin is an 11 year old female who is in need of a foster to adopt home in Colorado.  She is currently located in Boulder and will be soon moved to Colorado Springs. She is currently recovering from a UTI and as soon as she is cleared she will be spayed and placed into a home that fits her needs. She is being surrendered due to her inability to get along with other cats so she will need to be in a house with no other cats. Raisin has never been around dogs so we are hoping that her foster to adopt home will have no dogs either to reduce the chance of her needing to be moved again if she cant get along with a dog. Raisin has been moved around a few times recently and we want her next move to be her last so stability will be important in where she will be placed. 

Raisin is a very sweet girl who is good with both adults and children. We will be limiting her travel to a couple hours drive time to her foster to adopt home. If you feel you are a possible fit for Raisin please contact us or submit an adoption application to info@sphynxrescue.org. 


We are proud to announce that Ali has been adopted and is no longer available. Here is her update

We finally found a home that we feel had prepared well enough to take on our little Ali. We were able to place Ali and a foster to adopt home last week that had taken about a month to do research, consult with vets and behaviorists to understand what it means to take on a cat like Ali. They took the time they needed to ensure they understood the seriousness and the struggle that can come along with caring for Ali and what it would possibly take to help her heal. They took the time to prepare their home so Ali couldn't see through the windows where a cat might be and steps to cat proof the outside of their home. They prepared their home with all the beds, blankets, toys and anything a Sphynx could need! Melanie and Jerry have been such a wonderful find for us and for Ali (she just doesn't fully understand yet!). They all had a great start together. Ali showed up loving, and her sweet self that we know she can be. The transport went well, she was cuddly, playful and sweet. Unfortunately things got a bit rocky for the three of them a couple days ago. Ali got very overwhelmed emotionally and the transition finally took its toll. We are not sure what triggered it this time as there was not another cat or animal but Ali had another one of her episodes. Something she felt triggered her episode but her new home knew what to expect and what they needed to try and do for Ali. Her episode was a bit different than she has had in the past and not as severe. We feel that first week of trust building helped a lot. Its been very eye opening for them to see the reality of her issues but they know the seriousness of dealing with it properly and they have. Ali is in the process of learning trust as is her new family. They have quickly caught on to Ali's signals and how to handle them. They have also enlisted the help of the well known feline behaviorist, Terry Curtis from the University of Florida to come help them all adjust, and make a plan on how to help Ali know that things are going to be ok for her. Ali will also have a full vet work up to ensure this isn't a pain or health issue. She's lucky enough that her new home has also enlisted the services of a mobile vet so make things easier on her for that wellness check. 

Ali is coming back into our rescue due to some redirected aggression she has developed towards her owner after seeing a stray cat through the window of her home. We are looking for a foster to adopt home for her that's is willing to work with her and help her get over her fear and episodes of aggression.  Due to the redirected aggression triggered by other cats (possibly other animals), she will need to be in a home with no other animals. We also request that the home have no small children.

Ali has been abused by females in the past (prior to coming to SOAR the first time) and she seems to do much better with men. Ali was doing very well in her home with her female owner until a few weeks ago when she was sitting in front of the screen door enjoying the sun, and a stray cat came around. She snapped and went after her owner. She's been continuing to go after the owner however when a male comes over, she's fine with him. We feel Ali would do better with a male but she has had a good track record until now with females.

She's located in the Eastern Kentucky area and we can help with transport if needed. This little girl is healthy other than this issue and has scanned HCM clear. She also has pet insurance that will need to be continued in her new home. 

Requirements to be considered for a foster to adopt home for Ali

Here is Ali's original story and info when she was first placed into her current home:Ali came to us after she was dumped at a shelter in Virginia. She was the highlight of her male owners life and they were inseparable. The girlfriend/wife moved in and she hated Ali. Then the Mother in law moved in and things got worse. The women hated her and Ali became aggressive towards them and she couldn't be handled. They took her to the vet and the vet suggested spaying her. They agreed and they also asked to declaw her while she was under. The vet doesn't declaw so she told them she would put nail caps on Ali. After they picked Ali up from the Spay, the nail caps weren't enough so the women found a vet clinic that agreed to declaw her the same week she got spayed. After having both procedures in the same week, of course Ali got worse with her behavior and started to not only be more aggressive but she started peeing around the home. With a new baby on the way, this was unacceptable and they dumped her at the shelter. Thankfully her old vet (that refused to declaw her) found us and we got her back story.


This little girl just needs a chance and we fear she won't be given that chance due to her fear. If we don't find a place for Ali, euthanasia might be the only choice for her. If you feel you might be a good match to help Ali settle until she is ready to be adopted, please contact us at info@sphynxrescue.org